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Thank you all so much guys!! I'm so happy right now, I've been on tumblr all this time so I make art there, but I still upload something when I can! Thank you!
I've created a very random tumblr to post picspams, quotes and more from movies and tv shows!
If you would like to follow, here it is:
Does anyone know of someone, or yourselves...who could afford a paid account for me, please? I want it so bad, and I don't even understand this thing of paypal and that ._. so, please, I would be SO gratefull.
I made an account because I'm terribly bored. If you wan't to follow, please:
hi there!
I just wanted to let all of you know that I'm not making fanart in a while...
I really feel like my last wallpapers suck, the design...I'm always using the same texture, I really try to blend and I fail, you can't image how many sketches I make and per every wallpaper, there's 3 tries. And I'm getting obsessed over this and I hate it :/ I feel really compromised on doing them and I edit when I don't wan't too, and lately I don't really feel inspired to make any graphics, the last ones SUCK. Like literally, suck. I've deleted a few today.
I can't tell you when I'm coming back and making something different and new...I'm going to do it when I feel inspired and when I want to make graphics, right now, I feel I'm compromised, sorry if you're dissapointed, I'm just sick of making always the same kind of wall, and I feel I'm dissapointing a lot of people.

And I have no words to explain how much gratefull I am to all of you for the favs, THE VIEWS, the comments, everything. I wan't to bring the best of me to you, and thats why I'm taking this time for myself...I'm just tired of trying. This isn't a goodbye, It's just a coming back soon.

PS: You can still view at my gallery all my work.
If you want to add, or look around… :)
I'm so bored .
Hey! I've made a random tumblr to submit my stuff. I'll be there all day xD so if you wanna follow me, here
Yes, i know...i've been so busy for a long time.
i'm really dedicated to livejournal know, and i started a hunger games fan community with a friend of mine. so if you want to join… feel free to join!!… If you want to watch! song is by howie day. Made by me (:
I've moved off to now, so feel free to add me if you have an LJ and recieve updates of my wallpapers and icons! I'll add you back!
Thank you so much to EVERYONE that has visited my deviantart, i'm glad most of you like my things!
i saw Eclipse yesterday, so i'm gonna make a few wallpapers and bring them here :)
No sé que hacer -.- porque ya hice muchisimos de new moon, no me molesta hacer mas, pero diganme la escena o algo *o* o no sé, de cualquier otra peli que yo hay avisto, comenten y diganme u_u

I dont know what to do -.- because i've made tuns and tuns of walls of new moon, but it doesnt bother to make new ones, just tell me the scenes *o*, or any other movie that i've saw, comment and tell me u_u
Muchisimas gracias a que me hizo el favor de hacerme el icon y la webcam! muchas gracias :D
Yeah everyone! of made a group! it's called twilight-designes twilight-designes.deviantart.c… it's a group where you can upload all the stuff that you've designed related to the saga and it's actors! I would be glad if you could join it! and contribute with your own art, it can be drawings, paintings, icons, gifs, blends, wallpapers, anything related! please enter :D

Chicos, hice un grupo! se llama Twilight-designes twilight-designes.deviantart.c… y es un lugar donde pueden subi todos sus trabajos relacionado con la saga y sus actores! Estaria muy agradecido si se unen y si podrian contribuir con su arte! Puede ser dibujos, pinturas, iconos, gifs, blends, wallpapers, cualquier cosa que está relacionada ;D. Porfavor entren!
GRACIAS! yo sé que para muchos no es nada del otro mundo no tener 1000 vistas en una action, pero yo simplemente me enorgulleci (WTF.… gracias a todos!
Hey! If you have seen my last works, you will notice that i'm making many walls and stuff, i really like to do them, really. But I have this problem, i don't know what textures to use, i've searched and searched EVERYWEHRE! really, but i just can't find anything, it can be a coloring texture, o grunge, please! if you have find any that could help me! i like this kind of stuff: or .
She does amazing works!, but she has never ansewered to my questions :/. If you could help me! or recomend something to me. I use PS actions now, but they are to drastic. I dont like them very much for walls! please help if you can!

Hey! si han visto algunos de mis ultimos trabajos, verán que hago muchos walls y eso, me encanta hacerlos. Pero tengo un problema, que no se que texturas usar, he buscado por TODAS partes y no encuentro, y me quedo sin ideas. Podria ser una textura que colorize la foto, y que le de un tono a los bordes como acá verdadearmente amo los trabajos de esta chica, pero no responde a mis preguntas :/. Si me podrian ayudar porfavor, o al menos recomendarme algo. Por ahora uso PS actions, pero son muy drasticas, arruinan los walls con sus tonos. Si me podrian ayudar! porfavor! Desde ya gracias.

Sorry for my bad english u.u
I've yoused resources and stuff from the following users. Thanks to them.
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